Footnote 247

There seems to be a pronoun missing from the original, and DuParc therefore transcribed it as " [te] feray oster la teste." ("I will have your head removed", rather than "the head"). See DuParc's "Procès en Nullité...", Vol I, p. 478.
This comment has long been considered to have had a humorous intent, since d'Aulon specifically says that she was 'overjoyed' rather than angry; and it wouldn't work very well as a threat, obviously, since she didn't have the means to order Lord Dunois' beheading. It also fits right in with her other comments that are known to have been intended humorously, such as her remarks about Friar Seguin's accent, or her promise to pull Boisguillaume's ears (as if he were a little boy) if he made another mistake while recording the minutes of her trial.

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