Footnote 287

From the testimony of Jean Pasquerel on May 4, 1456 ("...She then returned to the assault, shouting and saying, "Glasdale, Glasdale, submit, submit to the King of Heaven! You called me a whore; [but] I have great pity for the souls of your people and yourself. Then Glasdale, armed from head to foot, fell into the river Loire and was drowned; at which Jehanne, moved to pity, began to weep for the soul of Glasdale and of the others who drowned there in large numbers.")
For the quoted portion of this testimony as it appears in the original, see DuParc's "Procès en Nullité...", Vol I, p. 395.
For translations, see Oursel's "Les Procès de Jeanne d'Arc", p. 295, and Pernoud's "The Retrial of Joan of Arc", pp. 166 - 167.

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