Footnote 288

From the testimony of Jean Pasquerel on May 4, 1456 ("...Then Glasdale, armed from head to foot, fell into the river Loire and was drowned; at which Jehanne, moved to pity, began to weep for the soul of Glasdale and of the others who drowned there in large numbers.")
For the quoted portion of this testimony as it appears in the original, see DuParc's "Procès en Nullité...", Vol I, p. 395; and Quicherat's "Procès...", Vol III, p. 110.
For translations, see Oursel's "Les Procès de Jeanne d'Arc", p. 295, and Pernoud's "The Retrial of Joan of Arc", pp. 166 - 167.

"Le Journal du Siège d'Orléans" lists some of the other English lords who drowned along with Glasdale: "The Lord of Moulins", "The Lord of Pommiers", "The Bailiff of Mente", "and several other knights-banneret and nobles of England...". (for original, see Quicherat's "Procès...", Vol IV, p. 162).

The document known as "Le Mystère du Siège d'Orléans" (a mystery play written not long after the siege, which closely follows the eyewitness accounts) gives the following list: "The Lord of Pont", "The Lord of Mo[u]lins", "The Bailiff of Mente", "and several others". (for original, see Quicherat's "Procès...", Vol V, p. 81).

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