Footnote 308

From the testimony of the Count of Dunois on February 22, 1456 ("...the next day, in the early morning, the English left their tents and arranged themselves in battle formation. Seeing this, the Maiden rose from her bed and dressed herself only in a jasseren."); also from the "Journal of the Siege of Orleans" ("The following morning, Sunday and eighth day of May, this same year 1429, the English demolished their bastion... and raising their siege ranged themselves in battle... Whereupon the Maid... and many other valiant men of war and citizens went out of Orleans in great strength and placed and ranged themselves before them in ordered battle.")
For the quoted portion of Dunois' testimony as it appears in the original, see DuParc's "Procès en Nullité...", Vol I, p. 321.
For translations, see Oursel's "Les Procès de Jeanne d'Arc", p. 246, and Pernoud's "The Retrial of Joan of Arc", p. 124.

For the quoted portion from "Journal of the Siege...", among other sources see "Joan of Arc By Herself and Her Witnesses" p. 92.

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