Footnote 316

The document known as "Journal du Siège d'Orléans" meticulously records the daily entry of food supplies: below are listed all the supplies for March and April (note that these are far below the level of the previous January when the "Journal" records a total of 1754 hogs, 400 sheep, 540 oxen, and many other provisions, all in one month). Here are the comparatively meager entries for March and April:
Friday March 4: "twelve horses laden with wheat, herrings and other provisions."
Sunday March 6: "seven horses laden with herrings and other provisions."
Monday March 7: "six horses laden with herrings."
Tuesday March 8: "nine horses laden with provisions."
Tuesday March 29: "a number of cattle and other provisions."
Saturday April 2: "nine fat oxen, and two horses laden with goats and provisions."
Sunday April 3: the French captured "a river barge in which were nine casks of wine, and a pig, and venison."
Tuesday April 5: "101 hogs, and six fat oxen"; and later "two horses laden with butter and cheeses, and 17 hogs"
Friday April 8: "26 cattle"
Saturday April 9: "17 hogs and eight horses, two laden with goats and pork, and the six others with wheat"
Saturday April 16: "a number of cattle and other provisions"
Saturday April 23: "four horses laden with gunpowder and provisions"
Wednesday April 27: some hogs were brought in.
And finally....
Friday April 29: "... the provisions and artillery which the Maiden had brought..."
(for a transcription of the original language, see Quicherat's "Procès...", Vol IV, pp. 133 - 152.)

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